Action Alert: Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood Members in Egypt

Islamic Human Rights Commission

08 January 2006

Action Alert: Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood Members in Egypt

IHRC urges campaigners to contact their local Egyptian embassy and protest against the recent crackdown on members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

1. Background

In dawn raids carried out on 2 January 2007, state security services arrested 29 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the governorates of Sharqiya, Gharbiya and Daqahliya. The detentions come in the context of the latest Egyptian government vetted security and media campaigns against the Muslim Brotherhood in which almost 200 members have been arrested in recent weeks. Many of those detained earlier in the week were arrested while performing the Eid prayers all over the country. Islamic publishing houses and private companies belonging to Muslim Brotherhood members were also shut down. A conjunctivitis professor at Al-Azhar University was also detained in his clinic in Heliopolis in front of his patients.

The detainees include Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Shater’s health is considerably deteriorating due to the poor prison conditions he is being held in. The prisoners are detained in 3 × 8 metres cell where 17 individuals are piled up and sleep on the floor. The cell is opened for only 1 1/2 hours every day. The detainees have been denied blankets and the prison administration refuses to allow medicine for patients. Family visits have also been denied.

Dr. Mohammed Ramadan, who is in charge of Al Shater\’s medical treatment, said the MB Deputy had trouble breathing several times inside the prison cell due to the high level of humidity and inadequate ventilation inside the prison cell which is closed all the time with the air polluted by cigarette smoking from many of the criminal prisoners he is confined with.Dr. Ramadan pointed out that the State Security Police, which oversees the detention of political prisoners, refused to allow a blood sugar and blood pressure machines inside the prison to monitor his treatment. Dr. Ramadan added that Al-Shater prior to his arrest, was scheduled to have a cardiac cathetarization to examine the condition of his heart\’s circulation.

For further information and a full list of the detainees, please visit

2. Suggested Action

Contact the Egyptian embassy in your country ( ) and request that

– the detainees be released immediately. It has not been proven that they have committed any crime and they must be therefore released.

– the detainees be treated in accordance with international human rights standards

– the detainees be given full medical care

– the families of the detainees be allowed visit them

Details for the Egyptian Embassy in the UK

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
26 South Street

Fax: 0207 491 1542

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Holy Qur’an: Chapter 4, Verse 75

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