National Demonstration

With a green light from the US neo-con led administration, the Israelis have continued unperturbed their bombardment of towns and villages in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. As more victims fall and more houses and buildings are levelled to the ground it becomes increasingly apparent that this war is not about any Israeli soldiers captured by Hizbollah or by Hamas. It is about nothing but a joint U.S.-Israeli project aimed at destroying any resistance to the apartheid Zionist regime that has for more than fifty years been oppressing the peoples of the region particularly in Palestine and Lebanon.

Alarmed by the defeaning silence of the world, scores of British NGO\’s are organizing a National Demonstration on Saturday 22 July 2006 in central London to protest against the Israeli crimes against humanity in both Lebanon and Palestine. The assemble will be at 12pm in Whitehall Place (nearest tube station is Embankment) and will end by a rally in Hyde Park. The Demonstration will be under the slogans\” End Isreali Attacks on Lebanon and Palestine\” and \”Do not Attack Syria and Iran\” .

The Demonstration is called by:

Stop the War coalition, Muslim Association of Britain, British Muslim initiative, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Lebanese Muslim League, Lebanese Welfare Community, Palestinian Forum, Palestine Return Centre, Islamic Forum Europe, UK Islamic Mission, Islamic Society of Britain, Dawat -ul-Islam, Islamic Human Rights Commission, Islamic Centre-London, Friends of Al-Aqsa, FOSIS, 1990 Trust, Hizbut Tahir and others.