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Palestine Internationalist, Volume 1, Issue 4 (June 2006)

Challenging Zionism


Challenging Zionism
Roland Rance

Zionism is not a mere catchphrase. It is an organised and international political movement, with continuing influence on the daily situation in Palestine. Any successful strategy for the liberation of Palestine must confront the reality, not the myth, of Zionism. An end to the conflict in Palestine requires the return of the Palestinian refugees and the dismantlement of the Zionist structure of the state of Israel.

Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon?
Stephen Sizer

Far from being a self-sustaining organism, Zionism finds strength from across the monotheistic divide in a fertile and powerful network of Christian organisations, mainly in the United States. Christian Zionists are among the most fervent supporters of Zionism because they see the state of Israel as part of a divinely ordained scheme that culminates in the second coming of Christ. They number in the tens of millions and have sought to influence generations of American politicians. However, their outlook rests on a fundamentalist misinterpretation of religious scripture that runs counter to the real message of Christianity.

Review: Losing the Normative Connection
Arzu Merali

The role of Torah Jewish opposition to Zionism is an often overlooked aspect of the struggle. It’s importance is manifold: in readdressing wring conceptions of the conflict as religious; as challenging Zionist claims to represent Judaism and all Jews; and in Professor Yakov M. Rabkin’s book, re-establishing a normative connection between religious culture and political action. Rabkin’s history recalls in great depth not just those who opposed Zionism from this perspective, but how and why.

Palestine as a Global Agenda
Rachid al-Ghannouchi

Zionism and the State of Israel are representative of the global secularism and materialism which have taken over the entire world. Tthe battle against Zionism is not just about land but about a far greater clash between secular materialism and the Islamic civilisation built on spirituality and justice. Any attempt to liberate Palestine must be done at a global all-encompassing level with Islam as the framework of reference; Palestine will not be liberated until there is a war against oppression in all its forms throughout the world.