Urgent Alert: Demonstration against Zionist ‘Celebration of Israel’, 3rd May 2006


Islamic Human Rights Commission


2nd May 2006

Urgent Alert: Demonstration against Zionist \’Celebration of Israel\’, 3rd May 2006

Zionist federation will be holding its annual ‘Happy Birthday Israel Celebrations’ at Wembley Conference Centre.

IHRC and Neturei Kerta have organised a protest, outside Wembley Conference Centre, to demonstrate against the atrocities committed by Israeli forces over the last 58 years and to commemorate Al-Nakba (the catastrophe) that this \’celebration\’ also marks i.e. the dispossession of the Palestinian peoples, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the continued violence and killings perpetrated against the Palestinian people. This week alone has seen the death of an innocent Palestinian mother of five children at the hands of trigger –happy Israeli soldiers.

Please attend to ensure that the voice of justice is heard in opposition to the continued Zionist oppression and slaughter in Palestine.

Time: 5pm – 9 pm

Venue: Outside Wembley Conference Centre, Empire Way, Wembley, London.
Travel: Tube, Jubilee Line/ Metropolitan Line: Wembley Park. Overground: Wembley Stadium. Buses: 83, 92, 182 and 204.

For more information please contact us 020 8904 4222.

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