Palestine Internationalist: New On-Line Journal

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Palestine Internationalist: New On-Line Journal

The Palestine Internationalist is a new, quarterly on-line journal for activists, academics and those who want to know more about the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

Each issue deals with a particular theme that is often overlooked or given scant attention in daily coverage of the situation. Issue one looks at the Right of Return for Palestinians: a natural place to start inquiry into the core issues that define the Palestinian struggle but which are often left out of any attempt at a solution. Contributors have focused on different aspects of the right, in a detailed but highly accessible manner.

Please visit the site and send us your feedback. Palestine Internationalist is the work of an international multi-faith and multi-cultural team of writers, activists and academics concerned with raising the consciousness and capacity of civil society in solidarity with the victims of injustice to enable a truly just peace.

Editorial Team
Palestine Internationalist
7th October 2005