Nominate Muslim Contributors to Muslim Society for a Publication


Islamic Human Rights Commission


21st September 2005

Nominate Muslim Contributors to Muslim Society for a Publication

Have you got a role model? Do you feel that their contributions to British society are Unrecognised?

As part of the British Muslims Expectations of the Government Series, IHRC is producing a publication profiling the contribution of Muslims to British society.

IHRC is asking for nominations for people and organisations that IHRC can highlight in this publication. Nominations must be submitted by 10th October 2005. You can nominate as many people or organisatoins as you want – please add a line explaining who they are and why you have nominated them.

Please email: or post nomination to the address below. Please also download and distribute or display the flyer for this project and encourage other people to send in their nominations.

A Muslim presence has been visible in this country for over five centuries. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the nation witnessed an influx of Muslim migration from around the world. With time, British Muslims have evolved into leading contributors of British Society

From the Sciences to the Arts, Politics to Aid work in which British Muslims are involved, IHRC encourages you to nominate those you believe have served society and played a vital role towards contributing on all fronts. IHRC encourages all nominations – from grassroots activists and unsung heroes and heroines to leading and well-known figures.

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