A Muslim presence has been visible in this country for over five centuries. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the nation witnessed an influx of Muslim migration from around the world. With time, British Muslims have evolved into leading contributors of British Society

This survey is for the volume 8 of our \\\\\\\”British Muslims Expectations of the Government\\\\\\\” series. We are trying in the current political climate where the media is attempting to paint the muslim population as a disruptive and corrupting influence, to speak out against such blatant demonisation.This is why the IHRC has taken the initiative to document the contributions of leading figures of society.

From the Sciences to the Arts, Politics to Aid work in which British Muslims are involved, IHRC encourages you to nominate those you believe have served society and played a vital role towards contributing on all fronts.

To nominate please download the attatched file (Bottom of page).

We would also appreciate if anyone accessing this alert would circulate the flyer as widely as possible so that our publication can be of as accurate a nature, and have as large an impact, as possible.