Forward: Action Alert: HSBC Joins War On Terror

Action Alert Issue Date: 2005-04-18

Since the launch of the HSBC Amanah finance, many Muslims have opened accounts and used the system to buy property, take loans, e.t.c. they have portrayed themselves as being \\\”sensitive to Muslim needs\\\” within the banking system, therefore grabbing a piece of the market which was previously untouched by any high street banking institution. No doubt this has contributed to HSBC declaring last year a profit of £9bn which if calculated equals £327 per second. However Muslims need to think again about banking with HSBC. In Britain\’s recent war on Muslims, the authorities have been requesting banks to close accounts of Muslims in Britain without giving any reason or explanation. \’Amanah\’ means trust, however through the actions of HSBC they have clearly demonstrated that they cannot be trusted with your money and instead are taking advantage of you.

HSBC has recently decided to close the three bank accounts of Babar Ahmad, a British Muslim facing extradition to the U.S. on allegations of supporting terrorism. His three bank accounts were held at HSBC High Street Kensington Branch, London and were used to pay the house bills of his retired, elderly parents via a number of standing orders and direct debits. None of the allegations against him refer to fraudulent use of any financial system, let alone fraudulent use of his HSBC accounts. This has increased the stress and pressure on his elderly, 70-year old parents, who are already finding it hard to cope with the present situation. This outrageous decision by HSBC is based on the same political hysteria as Bush and Blair\’s War on Terror.

We, the British public Muslim or not, need to make a united stand now against HSBC otherwise they will terrorise other Muslims and families. We need to put a stop to this now.

See the video of the HSBC bank job (17mins, 28.3mb) for those that are still in doubt.
Alternatively, it can be downloaded from here

These are the steps that need to be taken by every concerned individual:

1. Tell as many people as possible, via phone, email, e.t.c.

2. Telephone Peter Shearing, the Bank Manager of HSBC, High Street Kensington, on 0207 301 1049 or email him on demanding reinstatement of Babar Ahmad\’s accounts, compensation due to the immense stress caused on his elderly parents and a public apology. If for whatever reason Peter decides to change his number (due to the volume of \’polite\’ phone calls, you can ring this number instead and ask to be directed to Peter Shearing the branch Manager.

3. Lodge a formal complaint with Customer Relations Head Office by ringing 0800 881 155 or email customer relations at

4. If you find all the above telephone lines are busy or that they have been changed, then ring this number 0800 032 4738. This is the account opening number which will always be available at HSBC.