CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Modi cancels visit to UK



The condemnation and promise of a huge protest against Modi during the Easter weekend has forced the Chief Minister to cancel his opportunistic trip to London. The official press release in India states that both the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister Shivraj Patil phoned Modi on Thursday 24th March 2005 at 10.30pm (Indian time) to advise that he should not visit the UK for “security reasons”. Modi too has issued a statement that he has cancelled his trip.

This is a tremendous victory for all of us, especially the victims of the Gujarat Genocide. The Indian Muslim Federation (UK) thanks all individuals and organizations who have worked hard to stop the Butcher of Gujarat visiting UK.

The Indian Muslim Federation (UK) would actively work along with other secular forces to haunt Modi and his accomplices involved in Gujarat Genocide, bring justice for all its victims including the British families who lost their loved ones. The Indian Muslim Federation (UK) has written to Rt Hon Jack Straw, Secretary of State for Foreign Commonwealth Affairs and Rt. Hon Charles Clarke, Secretary of Home Affairs to revoke Modi’s tourist/visit visa so he can not plan any future visit here.

The Indian Muslim Federation (UK) urges all to continue their efforts to ensure that those responsible for the Gujarat carnage are held accountable.


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