Stop Modi ‘Butcher of Gujarat’s Visit to UK!

Stop Modi ‘Butcher of Gujarat’s Visit to UK!

Narendra Modi. The Chief Minister of Gujarat, and the major architect of genocide of the Muslims in Gujarat, is visiting the UK durin g the Easter Break. According to his supporters he is scheduled to be guest of honour at Gujarat celebration on Saturday 26 March at Royal Albert Hall in the evening, although this has been denied by the organisers.

Indian MuslimFedration has written to Jack Straw MP, Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs and Mr Charles Clarke, MP, Secretary of State for Home affairs to interfere and stop Modi\’s visit to UK by revoking his tourist/visit visa.

Indian Muslim Federation (UK) urges all organisations and individuals to protest the presence of Modi in the UK and mount demonstrations at places where he is scheduled to speak.

Actions you can take:

1) Ring the sponsors of Gujarat celebration to register your displeasure should they decide to invite Modi as the guest of honour.

Asian Music Circuit 02087429911 – Saffron Chase 02075935850 – Sony entertainment 02075331000 – Asian Voice / Gujarat Samachar 02073233344 – Sony Television 02075331000 / The Arts Council 02079736459

2) Write to Jack Straw the foreign secretary asking him to refuse entry visa to Modi. 02070081500 fax

3) Write to Charles Clark the home secretary asking him to refuse entry visa to Modi. 02072733965 fax

4) Contact your member of Parliament/MEP urgently at the House of Commons -020 7219 3000 – asking them to table a motion to exclude Modi from entering the UK

5) Attend the Court Hearing at Bow Street Magistrates Court where an application for a warrant for arresting Modi will be made. (The date and time to be announced)

6) Picket the scheduled engagement of Modi at Royal Albert Hall on 26th March from 5 P.M. Nearest tube station – South Kensington (District Line)

Background information

Exactly three years ago, in February and March 2002, Gujarat witnessed horrific incidents of unparalleled violence that can only be described as genocide of innocent Muslim people. Over 2000 people, including British Asians, were slaughtered with more than 100,000 people displaced in under-resourced refugee camps. Houses were systematically looted, businesses burnt down, hundreds women gang raped and many children murdered. .All the evidence suggests that the Gujarat state government, led by the current Chief Minister Narendra Modi, and the police orchestrated the violence and were responsible for the carnage. Yet, despite domestic and international public pressure, not a single prominent individual has been held to account or brought to justice.

The US refuses entry to Modi

On 18th March 2005 the US government revoked the visa earlier granted to Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, for his role “in severe violation of religious freedom”. Modi was invited by the Asian American Hotel Owner’s Association (AAHOA) as chief guest for their annual convention in Florida on March 24-26. This revocation of both diplomatic and business visas has come about as a result of untiring effort of the US-based Coalition against Genocide (CAG) which comprises of 38 organisations and 10 supporting groups alongside individual members from Canada and the US.

Issued by:

Indian Muslim Federation (UK)

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