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18 March 2004

What’s new at www.ihrc.org?

A quick guide to the latest articles, reports, events, campaigns and briefings on-line, as well as a selection of archived material.

1. Events
2. Campaigns
3. Articles
4. Reports
5. Archive
6. Miscellaneous

1. Events

The Annual Islamophobia Awards, 26th June 2004
IHRC’s annual fundraiser and spoof awards ceremony will take place this year on 26th June 2004. For more information and go to:

2. Campaigns

18 March 2004
Finden Sie bitte Details unten des neuen Projektes die Islamische Menschenrechte-Kommission (IHRC) wird an und Details dessen arbeiten, wie diejenigen, die interessiert sind, teilnehmen kِnnen.

16 January 2004
Por favor encuentre detalles debajo del nuevo proyecto la Comisión de Derechos Humanos Islámica (IHRC) trabajará sobre y detalles de como aquellos interesados pueden participar. To download the report in PDF format go to:

Awareness Raising Leaflet on Police Islamophobia in the UK
23 January 2004
Donwload IHRC and LMC\’s leaflet outlining issues of recent police Islamophobia in the UK.

Campaign Letter – Pakistan detention of Allama Naqvi
2 January 2004

Write to the Pakistani Ambassador in your country.

02 March 2004
Finden Sie bitte Details unten des neuen Projektes die Islamische Menschenrechte-Kommission (IHRC) wird an und Details dessen arbeiten, wie diejenigen, die interessiert sind, teilnehmen können. For more information and to download the report go to:

3. Articles and Press Releases

Inminds- When History Repeats…
18 January 2004
Parallels between Nazi Germany and Bush`s America.

Haaretz- Bend it like Hezbollah
25 January 2004
The successful completion of the first stage in the prisoner-exchange with Hezbollah, which is scheduled to end by Friday, shows that this organization knows how to restrain itself when put under pressure.

Rights group says UK mistreats Muslims
27 January 2004
Britain\’s Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has complained that the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair has violated religious sanctuary to arrest and deport an Afghan couple and their two children.

Hizb Allah leader says Israel tortured him
27 January 2004
Prominent Hizb Allah detainee Mustafa Dirani says his Israeli interrogators sexually assaulted him, humiliated and systematically tortured him in a futile attempt to get information about a missing Israeli airman.

French Hijab Ban: Radio Five Live Debate between Massoud Shadjareh, IHRC and Dr. Evan Harris MP
29 January 2004
Audio of the radio debate between the IHRC Chairman and the English MP who supports the French hijab ban. With contributions from a student at the Leicester Islamic Academy. Approx. 16 minutes.

4. Briefings

The Civil Contingencies Bill
20 January 2004
An overview of the British government\’s proposed Bill and its implications on human rights and civil liberties.

Briefing: Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001
28 January 2004
A brief overview of how the Act confers greater powers on law enforcement authorities to counter terrorism but severely limits civil liberties and human rights.

Muslim Women, Human Rights and Religious Freedom: Europe Under the Spotlight of National and International Law
08 March 2004
How France, Germany and Belgium have undermined their own constitutions and violated human rights principles and laws in their proposed hijab bans.

Briefing: Good Practice on the Headscarf in Europe
09 March 2004
An examination of how various European countries have tried to integrate headscarf-wearing women into the education and work sector by taking steps to accommodate their religious practices.

5. Archive

A selection of this month’s highlights

Lebanon\’s Forgotten Hostages
01 July 1999
Saged is 15 years old. Like many boys, he wants to be like his father. An architect and Muslim cleric, Abdulkareem Obaid is also one of dozens of hostages abducted from South Lebanon by Israel.

Ex-prisoners feted at exultant homecoming rallies
31 January 2004
Bodies of guerrillas return to Lebanon.

Lebanese prisoners still denied freedom
31 May 2000
A Lebanese guerrilla leader and a cleric – held by Israel as pawns to gain information on a missing aviator – were produced in open court on Monday for the first time since they were kidnapped in 1989 and 1994.

6. Miscellaneous

IHRC’s press releases on various issues can be accessed via the following page:

Recent issues covered includes the Madrid bombings, London Muslims’ prayers for peace and justice, Holocaust Day and justice for the Guantanamo prisoners and returnees.

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