Charter 3:103 Project Condemns Sectarian Violence and Once More Calls for Public Stance of Unity


Charter 3:103


4th March 2004

Charter 3:103 Project Condemns Sectarian Violence and Once More Calls for Public Stance of Unity

The convenors of Charter 3:103*, the anti-sectarian project, condemned the continued escalation of sectarian violence this week in Iraq and Pakistan, as well as in other countries.

Charter 3:103’s joint convenors (see below) stated that:

“We are calling on all Muslim organisations to condemn the slaughter in Karabla, Baghdad and Quetta, as well as the celebration of such massacres across the world.

“Muslims need to start learning to celebrate their diversity and realise that they are united by far more than that which they perceive to divide them. Islam is the revelation of truth, love and justice for the whole of mankind, yet we continually hear speakers around the world promoting exclusivism – often violent – that results in this kind of orchestrated and criminal violence.

“It is time to make a public and permanent stance. Chater 3:103 was set up in 1997 and calls on concerned organisations and individuals to add their name to the list of those who will not tolerate sectarian, nationalistic or racist division within the Muslim community.”

The convenors of Charter 3:103 urge all sincere Muslim individuals and organisations to act as signatories to the pledges of Charter 3:103 and make a firm commitment to the repudiation of sectarian ideology.

Massoud Shadjareh, speaking on behalf of the project said:

“For too long the majority who condemn such atrocities have been silent. We need to make our opposition loud and clear. Not to do so simply allows such crimes to be tolerated. Muslims are under sustained attack world-wide, and these crimes only serve the interests of those inimical to Islam.”

You can add your name to the Charter by emailing, putting ‘Charter’ in the subject line and sending your name, address (this will be kept off the charter upon request), organisation name (if you represent an organisation), and contact numbers (again this will be kept off public copies of the list). Alternatively you can fax or post the same information to the number and addresses below.

*Charter 3:103 was established in 1997 as a platform for Muslims to speak out against sectarianism, nationalism, racism and other divisive ideologies and movements. Please visit the following webpage to read the text of the Charter or download an A4 poster of it in PDF format:

or click on the link below.

For more information please contact:
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Holy Qur’an: Chapter 4, Verse 75

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