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28th September 2003

Upcoming Events and What’s New at www.ihrc.org

1. Upcoming events
2. What’s new at www.ihrc.org

1. Upcoming events

Lobby the Labour Party Conference 30th September, 2003, Bournemouth
Picket (8.45am), demonstration (4.30 pm) and rally (5.30 p.m.). Speakers at rally include Jeremy Corbyn MP, Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition) and Massoud Shadjareh (Islamic Human Rights Commission).

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2. What’s New at www.ihrc.org

(i) Campaigns
(ii) Articles
(iii) Briefings
(iv) Reports
(v) Press Releases

(i) Campaigns

New campaign material to coincide with the third anniversary of the Al-Aqsa Intifada is now available on-line.

Campaign Letter against British government\’s support for Israel
27 September 2003
A new campaign letter to be sent to the British Foreign Secretary demanding a just stance be taken by the British government. Copy and paste / amend text or download formatted letter to sign and send.

Boycott Marks & Spencer Leaflet, updated September 2003
11 September 2003
Download the latest boycott M&S leaflet with up-to-date statistics of casualties.

Workshop on Campaigning for Palestine
Listen to or download this 17minute audio of the IHRC workshop for activists on Palestine. An invaluable tool to help focus activism and discuss methodology. This file is on the Innovative Minds website

(ii) Articles

BBC: Islam & Modernity
25 September 2003
Join the debate on the BBC website and read IHRC’s Arzu Merali\’s article, and add your comments.

To read an unedited version of this article go to the IHRC website:

IHRC has also been quoted extensively in the mainstream media as usual over various issues. This month we are highlighting Al-Jazeerah’s new English news website

(iii) Briefings

Briefing: Hinduvata bans freedom of religion in India
27 September 2003
The Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat succeeded in passing anti-conversion laws. These laws intend to prevent Dalits, ‘untouchables’ or low-caste Hindus, converting to non-Hindu faiths…

Briefing: Singapore, ethnic chauvinism and the Malay-Muslim population
26 September 2003
An overview of racism and Islamophobia in Singapore.

(iv) Reports

To Liberate or Not to Liberate? Islam, Universalism & Human Rights
24 September 2003
A presentation by Arzu Merali dealing with the problems of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from a Muslim perspective. Available to download in PDF format.

(v) Press Releases

Islamic Human Rights Commission’s statements and positions on various issues can as usual be seen on our Press Release page. Recent comments include the Amina Lawal case, Nureddin Sirin’s campaign and the vindication of British charity Interpal.

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