URGENT ALERT: BJP Hindu hate-leader responsible for anti-Muslim massacres to visit UK


Islamic Human Rights Commission


URGENT ALERT: BJP Hindu hate-leader responsible for anti-Muslim massacres to visit UK

13 August 2003

IHRC issues this urgent alert to protest against the UK visit of anti-Muslim Hindu hate-leader Nerendra Modi, BJP Chief Minister of Gujarat (India), to address London-based Hindu supporters.

Various institutions and NGOs including the Foreign Office, Amnesty International and IHRC consider Nerendra Modi responsible for inciting and organising the 2002 Gujarat anti-Muslim massacres, which saw a week-long orgy of Hindu fundamentalist violence. Under Nerendra Modi\’s direction, over 2000 Muslim civilians were murdered, 150,000 Muslims forced from their homes and over 800 Muslim women and girls raped by Hindu fanatics. Over 130 mosques and cemeteries were destroyed. The well organised anti-Muslim violence involved Nerendra Modi\’s Gujarat-state apparatus.

Nerendra Modi issued various statements to instigate and justify the killing and raping of Muslims in Gujarat.

Nerendra Modi\’s party, the Hindu fundamentalist BJP, led the Gujarat violence and the India-wide anti-Muslim riots of the early 1990s, are part of a concerted sectarian campaign to cleanse India of its 150 million Muslims in the quest for Hindutva, an all-Hindu India.

IHRC condemns Nerendra Modi\’s visit to Britain as outrageous. Nerendra Modi and his fascist BJP supporters have a long and well documented history of anti-Muslim violence, hate and xenophobia.

IHRC urges its volunteers to write/email Home Secretary David Blunkett urging him to ban Nerendra Modi and his racist BJP acolytes from entering the UK. IHRC recommends that campaigners mention the following points:

. Nerendra Modi be unconditionally banned from entering the UK

. Nerendra Modi\’s visit can only worsen Britain\’s race relations

. The British government is obliged under international law to arrest Nerendra Modi for crimes against humanity if he enters Britain

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Please also attend the protest called by various groups. Details on:

https://www.ihrc.org.uk/show.php?id=759 (or click on the link below).

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