Volunteer Opportunities at the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s new offices in London, UK

Islamic Human Rights Commission

7th August 2003

Volunteer Opportunities at the Islamic Human Rights Commission\’s new offices in London, UK

IHRC has been overwhelmed with requests from volunteers wishing to assist its work. These requests have been hampered thus far by the limited space available at out offices. Thanks to the generous support of donors, IHRC will insha Allah be moving offices in a few weeks and is now able to offer more structured volunteer opportunities of varying lengths and types, starting at the end of September 2003.

IHRC has also appointed a part-time co-ordinator to liaise with volunteers based outside of London who may wish to organise things locally or simply distribute IHRC material. She can be contacted on the email below under (4).

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities please email us on the emails below giving your name, address and contact details including a telephone number, and indicating which type of work you are interested in.

Volunteer work available:

1. Admin.
IHRC is looking for volunteers to assist the administration team with various types of work, including occasional help with mailshots (stuffing envelopes etc), to more regular administrative support in terms of secretarial services. Some experience is useful but not necessary. Please contact the admin team at info@ihrc.org or on 020 8902 0888 or 020 8904 4222.

2. Event volunteers
IHRC holds various events throughout the year from theoretical seminars to comedy fund-raising events, as well as international conferences. We also send teams to other events to man IHRC stalls and distribute information. Volunteers for such events should be dedicated and have some experience of working at such events. Work varies from registering participants, manning stalls and selling merchandise to making and serving tea and coffee.

3. Research
IHRC\’s acclaimed research team produces reports, articles, and briefings and organises seminars, talks, conferences and workshops. Its work is recognised world-wide, and it can now offer more structured volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in joining the team, please email research@ihrc.org and attach a CV. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students may be interested in applying for our internship programme. Please visit:
for more details, or email us.

4. Other voluntary work.
If you wish to contribute in another way that we have not mentioned, please contact our volunteer co-ordinator on coordinator@ihrc.org

IHRC has always been blessed with loyal and dedicated volunteers, and we pray that the new move will insha Allah give more opportunities for people to take part in IHRC\’s work and activities. Ameen.

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