Media Monitoring & Response: ‘Murder in Purdah’

Islamic Human Rights Commission

Media Monitoring & Response: ‘Murder in Purdah’


BBC 2’s series Correspondent broadcast on Saturday 23rd January 1999, was entitled ‘Murder in Purdah.’ The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned that it was stereotypical and misleading in its portrayal of matters.

The documentary showed horrific abuses of the rights of women in Pakistan. It claimed that these abuses were the enactment of Islam, and that new laws in Pakistan supposedly based on Islam would make matters worse.

IHRC is requesting those who saw the documentary to contact the BBC in the first instance demanding a broadcast apology for blatant misrepresentation of Islamic beliefs and the views of practising Muslims. IHRC feels that this documentary was irresponsible in that it demonised and unjustly castigated Muslims for crimes which form no part of their belief system.

The e-mail to send complaints to is:

The number to call to make complaints to the BBC is 0181 743 8000. If you would like to make a written complaint, please send it to:

Viewer & Listener Correspondence
BBC 4th Floor
Villier’s House
The Broadway
W5 2PA