Urgent Alert: Execution of Walanzo Shabaka

IHRC is deeply concerned regarding the following case and urges campaigners to write to the Pardon and Parole Board involved.

The original message from campaigners is pasted below, together with subsequent campaign material. An execution date of 12th March was set for Brother Walanzo Shabaka. IHRC urges campaigners to protest against this.


Dear Activists,

I am writing you to make you know about the situation of Minister Walanzo Shabaka, that is in the North-American death row due an injust accusation. We firmly believe that this brother is innocent, and that
he will face martyrdom because he is Muslim, he is Black and he is Poor.

Minister Walanzo Shabaka is a Muslim facing USA prejudice and he is in
need of ALL help and support. I urge you to help him in any way you can.

Minister Walanzo Shabaka do not see the external world for 13 years.

This is Oklahoma\’s Governor Brad Henry email adress, please write him and put pressure on him about the case: henry@lsb.state.ok.us

Below are web sites where you can know more about Minister Walanzo case, and where you can imprint and/or sign petitions.

If you want to, you can also write to info@fasoms.com

These brothers are the centre of Minister Walanzo Shabaka Campaign.

And i would like to send you Minister Walanzo Shabaka adress to:

Min. Walanzo Shabaka (Robinson) # 189399
H-Unit, S.W.3-I
OSP PO Box 97
McAlester, OK

Furqan Ali Ishraqi

Brother Walanzo Shabaka: Live From Death Row

Minister Walanzo Shabaka Info

FASOMS – Friends and Supporters of Minister Shabaka

Petition On Line

Further campaign details:

Letters of support for Walanzo can be sent to:

The Chairman
Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board
Suite #219
4040 N. Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma 73105

Please send a copy of your letter to Walanzo\’s lawyer:

Mr Patrick Ehlers, Jr
Federal Public Defenders Office
Suite 109
215 Dean A. McGee
Old Post Office Building
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma 73102
Email: Patrick_Ehlers@fd.org

I do not know who is the current Chairman of the Pardon and Parole Board. It used to be Mr Kenny Goza, but since the new Governor, Brad Henry has the right to pick three members of the five person Board, Mr Goza doesn\’t seem to be on the Board anymore. According to the Pardon and parole web-site, (www.ppb.state..ok.us) the current members and contact addresses are:

1. Mr. Currie Ballard
P.O. Box 607
Oklahoma 73050-0607

2. Dr. Marc Dreyer
2800 S. Yale
Oklahoma 74114-6298

3. Ms Susan Bussey
P.O. Box 636
Oklahoma 73070

4. Ms Stephanie Chappelle
P.O. Box 1945
Oklahoma 74101-1945

5. Mr.. Patrick Morgan
P.O. Box 361
Oklahoma 73007

If you do decide to write to the Board members directly, it is important to include on the envelope the following details: Re Walanzo Robinson 189399, Docket Date 3.12.03, Clemency Hearing.

Also, do not forget that since the Taliy\’ah al-Mahdi began our massive campaign for our Brother Walanzo, they have MOVED him to cell 3-D rather than 3-I so as to make the address listed on our THOUSANDS of printed and distributed flyers inaccurate so that they could deny those letters of solidarity to our Brother. This is just one of the tactics they have been employing to make him lose heart INCLUDING forcing him to get rid of his Qur\’an because it is a hardback book!!!

Do not let these Shaiyatin win. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

Your Brother in Truth, Justice, Wisdom and Faith,
`Isa Adam Naziri

p.s. Walanzo\’s full address is:

Min.Walanzo Shabaka (Robinson) # 189399
H-Unit, S.W.3-D
OSP PO Box 97
McAlester, OK
74502 USA