Campaign Update: Turkey, SELAM-TAVHID CASE

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Campaign Update: Turkey, SELAM-TAVHID CASE

-Mehmet Ali TEKIN
-Hasan KILIC
-Abdulhamid CELIK
-Fatih AYDIN
-Mehmet AYDIN

The High Court (which is the highest court in Turkey’s legal system) has accepted their appeal against their conviction. According to the High Court judgement the conviction was based on weak and unsubstantial evidence. Therefore the conviction was overturned. They will be tried in Ankara DGM (State Security Court).

They are still detained pending a new trial date .The hearing will be heard at 03.02.2003. Five of them were sentenced to 12 and half years, Yusuf Karakus to 15 years, Hasan Kilic to 18.9 years( Turkish Criminal Code; 168/2, 59/2 and law 3713 article 5.)

-Mehmet GUROVA
-Mehmet KASSAP
-Hakki Selcuk SANLI
-Murat NAZLI

Their appeals have not been accepted by the High Court. So they are going to serve their original sentences which were 12 and half years. (Turkish Criminal Code 168/2, 59/2, law 3713 article 5.)

Further campaign information will be posted shortly.

Other prisoners:

The appeals of Necdet YUKSEL and Rustu AYTUFAN who were sentenced as a member of Kudus Savascilari (Quds Fighters) have not been accepted by the High Court. They were sentenced to the death penalty (Turkish Criminal Code 146/1). But the High Court has decreased their conviction to life imprisonment. Also the High Court has accepted the appeal of Ferhan OZMEN who was also sentenced to the death penalty. He now has life imprisonment.

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