What’s New at www.ihrc.org?

Islamic Human Rights Commission

17th November 2002

What’s New at www.ihrc.org?

Assalaam alaikum,

1. IHRC’s latest newsletter is available to download in PDF format from our website. The newsletter outlines IHRC’s work and concerns for the last year and suggests ways for people to get involved in campaigning for justice.

The newsletter can be downloaded from:

2. More details about the annual Al-Quds Day march to be held in London, UK can be viewed on-line and a flyer for the event downloaded at:


3. Various audio lectures and events held by IHRC have been put on-line by Innovative Minds (www.inminds.co.uk). The IHRC seminar, ‘The Hidden Victims of 9/11’ can be accessed through:


The various reports on the anti-Muslim backlash and the anti-terrorist legislation in the UK, which were launched at the conference can all be accessed on the ‘Reports’ page:


see (5) below for URLs.

4. The audio of our recent conference for students on campaigning for human rights, including a seminar on media techniques by journalist Faisal Bodi can be accessed at:


5. Other recent reports on-line of IHRC are:

Muslim Profiling
17 September 2002

Questions Regarding Police Strategy and Policy With Regard to the Pro-Israel Rally and Counter-demonstrations on 6th May 2002.

The Hidden Victims of September 11: Prisoners of UK Law
08 September 2002
Sultana Tafadar overviews the use of anti-terrorist and other legislation against British Muslims in the last year.

The Hidden Victims of September 11: The Backlash Against Muslims in the UK
08 September 2002
IHRC\’s updated report on the number and nature of anti-Muslim hate attacks in the UK in the wake of 9/11.

A Report to the IHRC on Detentions under the Anti-terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001
08 September 2002
Natalia Garcia of Tyndallwoods Solicitors looks at the infringement of human rights and civil liberties by the detentions under the UK\’s latest anti-terrorist legislation.

Islamophobia – The New Crusade
17 May 2002
Arzu Merali & Massoud Shadjareh overview the rise in the phenomenon from international politics to schools and universities. It questions liberal society\’s ability to get beyond its prejudices.

6. The articles page has been added to – please visit to see some of the latest opinions and news stories emanating from Muslim led initiatives.

7. As Eid approaches, we strongly urge all consumers to remember the boycott of Israeli goods when buying presents and sundries. A comprehensive, accurate, reliable and compact guide to such goods put together by Innovative Minds can be downloaded from:

8. Finally, please help support IHRC this Ramadan. To view our selection of Eid cards, please visit:

To view the artwork and find more details on our ‘Free Palestine’ T-Shirt, please visit:

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