PRISONER OF FAITH: Ill-treatment of Nureddin Sirin, Bandirma Prison, Turkey

Islamic Human Rights Commission


15th June 2001

PRISONER OF FAITH: Ill-treatment of Nureddin Sirin, Bandirma Prison, Turkey

Muslim journalist Nureddin Sirin was imprisoned in 1997 for 17 and half years for helping to organise a protest in support of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation.

He is held in Bandirma Prison. In recent months he has been held in solitary confinement and his books and other basic facilities have been denied him. Only people with the same last name as him can visit him. This affects not only his friends but even could affect his wife who bears a different name according to Islamic custom.

Campaigners are requested to write to the Prison authorities and the Turkish Ambassador in their country demanding that:

(a) Nureddin Sirin is immediately removed from solitary confinement, allowed full visiting rights, the return of his property and all other facilities that have been removed from him;
(b) He is immediately and unconditionally released from imprisonment.

Please write to the Governor, Bandirma Prison, Bandirma Cezavi, Balikesir, Turkey.

At the moment campaigners cannot write to him because the prison authorities are denying him any post.

UK campaigners please write, e-mail, fax the Turkish Ambassador

HE Mr Korkmaz Haktanir,
Turkish Embassy
43 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8PA

fax: 020 7393 0066

If you need information on embassies in other countries, please contact IHRC.[END]

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