URGENT MEDIA ALERT: Support journalist Faisal Bodi


Islamic Human Rights Commission


9th February 2002

URGENT MEDIA ALERT: Support journalist Faisal Bodi

It has come to IHRC’s attention that the Muslim Council of Britain, like The
Board of Deputies of British Jews before them, has written to The Guardian
complaining that they have given a platform to journalist Faisal Bodi to

Bodi is an outspoken and independent writer who has equally criticised
government, mainstream media and society as well as the Muslim community.
This type of honest reporting and analysis is rare in any media, and
obviously unpopular with those criticised. This attempt to silence Bodi
by the MCB should not go unchallenged.

Campaigners are requested to:

(1) Write to the editor of The Guardian, supporting Bodi’s
independent stance on issues. Letter should be sent to
editor@guardian.co.uk and letters@guardian.co.uk

(2) Write to the Muslim Council of Britain, asking them:

(a) to clarify whether this letter sent on their behalf by
Inayat Bunglawala is part of their policy or sent by Bunglawala
independently ;

(b) if it is sent on behalf of MCB, whether it is their policy
to silence non-MCB Muslim voices in the media;

(c) to retract their letter.

(3) Those who are members of MCB should also ask why this
action has been taken in their name. Also ask why one of the very few Muslim
voices and even fewer honest voices which has been standing against
injustice in the media, should be silenced.

Emails can be sent to admin@mcb.org.uk [END]