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what's new march 2012

In this update you will find the video clips of the “Guantanamo Remembered: 10 Years” event, which was co-hosted by the IHRC, Cageprisoners and Reprieve in January 2012.
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Also in January 2012, IHRC held its third annual Genocide Memorial Day, photos for which are included in this update.

IHRC hosted an artist’s reception for Mamade Kadreebux’s ‘Voyage to the Unknown’. Mamade Kadreebux is a renowned photographer, writer and painter, who is exhibiting some of his striking photography of rare and wondrous places across the globe, at the IHRC. Look below for a glance at his work, and details of the future exhibitions.
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Guantanamo Remembered: 10 Years event (11 January 2012)

Poems from Guantanamo read by Avaes Mohammad

Michael Ratner, Lawyer
Gareth Peirce, Lawyer
Sami Al Hajj, Former Guantanamo Bay detainee
Clive Stafford Smith Lawyer
Massoud Shadjareh, Chair of the Islamic Human Rights Commission
Victoria Brittain, Journalist and Author
Vanessa Redgrave, Actress
Moazzam Begg, Former Guantanamo Bay detainee and the Chair of Cageorisoners

The third annual Genocide Memorial Day (22 January 2012)
Image Gallery

‘Voyage to the Unknown’ by Mamade Kadreebux
Artist’s Reception for Mamade Kadreebux’s ‘Voyage to the Unknown’
Image Gallery

His publications are available to purchase from here:
Life in the Shadows
Journey into Ancient Arabia


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