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A climate of fear and pessimism has prevented the effective development of reporting of hate crimes, hate attacks and discminitation faced by Muslims living in minority situations.

This volume comprises the findings of a pilot project set up by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) to address this lack by surveying sample populations in order to provide reliable statistics to governments and policymakers at the national, regional and internatinal levels. This volume comprises the results from 2012 in the UK.

‘Reading historical sources throughout the centuries of Islamic history, we find lots and lots of women active in all areas of life, and then suddenly it stops. What happened? How and why have things changed in the last three hundred years to the extent that it is unusual to find women involved in Islamic sciences and, unlike in the past, a few Muslim men would even consider being taught by a Muslim woman? This is a phenomenon which requires in-depth research. It is time to re-examine the sources and re-assess how Muslim women in the past acted so that we can escape the limiting perspective which have come to be the norm. To this end, we will examine three perspectives: the Scholarly Woman, the Political Woman, and the Spiritual Woman.’