Event Alert – Black Star, Crescent Moon: an Evening with Sohail Daulatzai


Watch live on IHRC TV (www.ihrc.tv) from 6.45pm on 05 June 2013, a conversation with Sohail Daulatzai in which he will be discussing his latest book ‘Black Star, Crescent Moon’

From Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali to contemporary artists and activists like Lupe Fiasco and Mos Def, ‘Black Star, Crescent Moon’ reveals how Muslim resistance to imperialism came to occupy a central position within the Black radical imagination, offering a new perspective on the political and cultural history of Black internationalism from the 1950s to the present.

Sohail Daulatzai is associate professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies and the Program in African American Studies at the University of California, Irvine. He is co-editor of Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas’s Illmatic. In his latest book he maps the rich, shared history between Black Muslims, Black radicals, and the Muslim Third World, showing how Black artists and activists imagined themselves not as national minorities but as part of a global majority, connected to larger communities of resistance.

The details of the evening are as follows:

Date: Wednesday 05 June 2013
Time: 6.45pm – 8.45pm (GMT+1)
Address: www.ihrc.tv

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For our international viewers, please note the following start times for the event:

San Francisco, U.S – 10.45am (PDT)
Paris, France – 7.45pm (CEST)
Karachi, Pakistan – 10.45pm (PKT)
Istanbul, Turkey – 8.45pm (EEST)
Toronto, Canada – 1.45pm (EDT)
Berlin, Germany – 7.45pm (CEST)
Mumbai, India – 11.15pm (IST)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 8.45pm (AST)


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