Action Alert: Egypt – Protest Military Coup



1. Summary
2. Background
3. Action Required
– Letter writing
– Forwarded request to UK campaigners, e-petition
4. Sample Letters

1. Summary

IHRC are urging campaigners and activists to write to their government demanding they condemn the military coup in Egypt and put pressure on the regime to reinstate the elected government. 

2. Background

On July 3, 2013 the Egyptian military deposed the elected President of Egypt and his government.  Until the time of writing, daily clashes between protesters and police and army 200 protesters have been killed, including a girl aged 13, and over 1000 detained.  General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, who headed the coup, has called for the public to come out on Friday (26 July) and help clean the streets of ‘thugs’.  Many fear this is a precursor to sustained violence against anti-coup protesters.

IHRC has interviewed activist Sara Omer on the latest situation.  Hear the interview here:

3. Action Required

– Letter writing campaign

Write to your Minister of Foreign Affairs demanding they condemn the military coup and pressure the regime to reinstate the elected government. 

– Forwarded request from campaigners in Egypt.

“For all UK and citizens worldwide residents, please sign to support Egyptian democracy. Please share to all who can help, family, children anyone with an email address. Signing this petition is urgent now. We want 100,000 signatories before Friday. We need to get a Parliamentary debate.

4. Sample Letters


Sample letters are given below for your convenience. Please note that model letters can be sent directly or adjusted as necessary to include further details. If you receive a reply to the letter you send, we request you to send a copy of the letter you send and the reply you received, to IHRC. This is very important as it helps IHRC to monitor the situation with regards to our campaigns and to improve upon the current model letters.


a. Minister of foreign affairs in your country (UK campaigners can write / email to the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office using the details below)

[Your name]

[Your address]


Rt Hon William Hague MP

Foreign Secretary

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street



Dear Mr. Hague

Re: Military coup in Egypt

I am deeply concerned about ongoing events in Egypt.

Regardless of anyone’s view about the Muslim Brotherhood or President Morsi, the fact remains that they were an elected government and a coup to remove them is a terrible blow for the aspirations for representative government in Egypt and the region.

I expect full condemnation to be expressed by your office of the coup, and every possible pressure exercised from your office, including threat of sanctions to ensure that civilian rule is returned immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter, outlining what your government will do to address this terrible state of affairs.

Yours sincerely,

[Your signature]

[Your name]


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