Know Your Rights Workshops


IHRC is excited to announce the launch of its Know Your Rights workshops.

IHRC has been empowering the Muslim community to assert their rights by learning about them since 1997. We have done this via our literature and holding seminars and workshops.

We have now developed a number of workshops that cover the following areas:

1. Police Stop and Search – Workshop covers what your rights are when you are stopped and searched by the police on the street.

2. Rights at Demonstrations – Workshop around your rights at demonstrations and protests.

3. Immigration Stops – Workshop discusses immigration stops and what immigrations officers can / cannot do.

4. Schedule 7 Stops at Airports – Workshop on police powers to stop and question you under Schedule 7 at ports and airports.

The workshops are open to everyone. If you would like our advocate to attend and present any of the above workshops to your organisation / members please contact us for more information. / 02089044222

Lookout for a workshop near you!