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If you haven’t stopped by the gallery for our Intifada Street exhibition, now would be a great time! Artist Mohammad Hamza’s emotive and original work will be on display until June and must definitely be viewed in person. Also make sure to keep this coming Tuesday free as we will be screening Roshan Salih Muhammad’s new documentary ‘Travelling While Muslim‘.

Keep abreast of the situation in Bahrain by visiting our Bahrain Campaign Resources page complete with links to the latest press releases, alerts and briefings (including Caterina Aiena’s latest: ‘Shuracracy As Islamic Democracy: The Failure of the Bahraini Constitution‘)

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BAHRAIN MUST END PERSECUTION OF SHEIKH HUSSEIN NATAJI: Sheikh Najati was one of 31 nationals stripped of their Bahraini nationality by the Ministry of Interior in November 2012 on national security grounds. However the move was widely seen as an attempt by the ruling al-Khalifa monarchy to try and silence its critics.

BLAIR SPEECH EXPOSES MISPLACED CONCERN FOR ZIONIST INTERESTS: The speech exposes Blair’s – and the West’s – real motives which are to neutralise any potential opposition or threat to the state of Israel. Both the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Syria’s government are implacably opposed to the Zionist state.

GOVERNMENT APPROACH TO MUSLIM WOMEN CRIMINALISES COMMUNITY: A national campaign urging Muslim women to prevent their menfolk from travelling to fight in Syria is misplaced and will only strengthen the perception of British Muslims as a problematic community.



WHAT: Watch a screening of Roshan Salih Muhammad’s new documentary. It focuses on the terrorism law Schedule 7, which has been used as justification when numerous Muslims in Britain’s airports are stopped and questioned. You can also watch the documentary ONLINE and follow the Q&A on our livestream. Tweet @IHRC with questions and comments

WHEN: Tuesday 29 April 6.45pm

WHERE: IHRC Bookshop & Gallery, 202 Preston Road, Wembley, HA9 8PA


WHAT: Speakers Dr Kamia Otman and Roshan Muhammad Salih will discuss and explore the reasons surrounding the war in Libya by NATO in 2011

WHEN: Thursday 8 May 6.45-8.45pm

WHERE: IHRC Bookshop & Gallery, 202 Preston Road, Wembley, HA9 8PA


Mansa Musa Leader of Mali: A great story for children about the king of Mali. Located in western Africa, Mali became one of the largest empires during the time of Musa’s rule. Musa helped his empire grow in size and culture by encouraging the arts, literature, and architecture.

The Oath – A Surgeon Under Fire: In 1991, when the political conflict between Chechen insurgents and the Russian army began, Khassan Baiev was a wealthy plastic surgeon. But when Russia began to bomb his country, Baiev gave up safety and security and opened a small hospital in his hometown of Alkhan Kala.

Broken Promises: This report looks at the history of struggle against the Bahraini regime and puts forward recommendations as to how to move beyond the vicious cycle of repression and corruption.

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Our current exhibition features Intifada Street. Artist and poet Mohammad Hamza’s distinctive work attempts to reflect the oppressive cries around the world. The exhibition runs until June 2014. More details can be found HERE. Make sure you stop by!

Watch videos from the exhibition launch – featuring poetry, discussion and more.

Buy limited edition Intifada Street prints from the shop by clicking HERE.