URGENT ALERT: Nigeria – Demand the release of all political prisoners; raise funds for the victims of army atrocities


URGENT ALERT: Nigeria – Demand the release of all political prisoners; raise funds for the victims of army atrocities


1.Requested Action

a.Raise funds / donate towards victim support

b. Write to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in your country

2. Additional addresses

3. Become a volunteer


From 12 – 14 December last year, activists from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria were killed in separate attacks by the Nigerian army. According to information received by IHRC, at least 1000 people were killed. A similar number may have been imprisoned. Although some have been released, many including the movement’s leader Mu’allim Ibrahim el-Zakzaky*, his wife Mallima Zeenah and many others remain incarcerated without charge. Many of those imprisoned, again, including el-Zakzaky and Mallima Zeenah suffered bullet wounds fro the army attacks.

For verified regular updates on the situation please visit: https://ihrc.org.uk/activities/alerts/11586-urgent-alert-nigeria-army-advancing-on-house-of-muallim-ibraheem-al-zakzaky-

*Mu’allim Ibraheem Al-Zakzaky (el-Zakzaky) is the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. His movement has been highly critical of political corruption, the Nigerian-Israeli governmental relationships and intelligence sharing, Boko Haram and the relationship it has with facets of the Nigerian army, as well as other issues. The movement itself is heavily involved in educational and social programmes across Nigeria.

Last year at the annual pro-Palestine demonstrations some 40 people were shot and killed by an army unit, including 3 sons of Zakzaky. A documentary about the massacres can be found here: https://youtu.be/BeUH9yDx1X0

This is not the first time the movement has experienced violent suppression and abuses.

1. Requested action

a. Raise funds and donate towards victim support. A number of families have lost their breadwinner, others have injured family members. Please donate towards their support here: http://shop.ihrc.org/donation-for-victims-of-the-zaria-massacres

b. Write to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in your country. The attacks on the Islamic Movement are a blatant violation of the basic rights of its members. They have been persecuted for their political beliefs and many remain incarcerated without access to legal representation. Write to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in your country asking they demand the immediate release of all those arrested. If you have already written and not received an answer, please send a follow-up letter. Please forward any responses you receive to IHRC for information purposes.

You can use the following as a sample:

[Your name]

[Your address if posting]


[Name of recipient]

[Address / Email]

Dear [Insert name here]

re: Continued detention of members of the Islamic Movement after the Nigerian Army’s killing spree of December 2015

We trust you are fully aware of the situation in Nigeria regarding the unprovoked, violent attacks on the Islamic Movement in December by the Nigerian Army.

The movement is a non-violent movement that has been simultaneously critical of government and army corruption and Boko Haram. Currently hundreds of its members languish in detention, most without charge others on trumped up charges. Approximately 1000 were killed over a two day period, with bodies being burned and / or buried in mass graves. Since then homes and buildings belonging to the Movement have been razed and even a cemetery belonging to the movement has been demolished and bodies disinterred.

I would like your office to make known to me what action it has taken in this matter to demand the Nigerian government releases all those detained immediately. If you have not already made representations, I ask that you do so immediately. A number of those detained suffered gun shot wounds, including the movement’s leader Mu’allim Ibrahim el-Zakzaky and his wife Mallima Zeenah. Many of those shot have not received adequate or any medical treatment. Many more have had no access to legal representation or had their legal representatives access barred.

I trust you will make immediate demands in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely,

[Your signature if posting]

[Your name]

For addresses of Ministries of Foreign Affairs please see [2] below.

2. Additional addresses

Addresses fro [1b] above.



James Duddridge MP

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street




Australia: Hon Julie Bishop MP: Julie.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au

India: Sushma Swaraj: eam@mea.gov.in

France: Laurent Fabius: contact@laurent-fabius.net

Germany: Frank-Walter Steinmeier: frank-walter.steinmeier@bundestag.de

South Africa: Ms Maite Nkoana-Mashabane: minister@dirco.gov.za

Norway: Borge Brenda: utenriksminister@mfa.no

Canada: Stephane Dion: stephane.dion@parl.gc.ca

3. Become a volunteer

IHRC is looking for volunteers to help on this campaign. If you are interested in organising letter-writing groups, or vigils, or fundraising for this campaign please apply to nadia@ihrc.org. More information can be found here: https://ihrc.org.uk/about-ihrc/volunteering-for-ihrc