ALERT: Security Advice for Al Quds Day 2018

It has been brought to our attention that this year’s Zionist counter-demonstration against al-Quds day will include fascist groups.

Every year we see a coalition of Zionists and far-right extremists join together to abuse our attendees. This year they might be joined by two fascist groups that are part of various football hooligan groups around London, these are extreme right-wing, anti-Islam organisations with violent tendencies. Police are aware of these groups and we have been assured by the police that they have plans in place to stop any illegal activity by these groups.

It is crucial that we do not allow these racists to scare us in to silence. We urge people to bring their friends and family to al-Quds day this Sunday. Let us collectively stand up to the fascists and Zionism.

We would like to issue the following security guidance to all attendees:

  1. If possible travel to and from the event with friends / family. Being in a group will give you greater security.
  2. If you are using public transport: Please arrive using Green Park station (Jubilee line / Victoria line / Piccadilly line). Walk down Piccadilly, turn right on Half Moon Street. At the end of Half Moon Street turn left on to Curzon Street and walk up to the Saudi Embassy.
  3. Please leave using Westminster station (Jubilee line, Circle line, District line). Our stewards will direct you towards the station.
  4. If you are coming from outside London, please follow the instructions from your group lead about pickup points / logistics.
  5. If you see anything suspicious please report to it a police officer, steward (orange bibs) or security officer (light blue bibs).
  6. If you are able to do so safely, please film the fascist counter-demonstrators when they are shouting abuse. Please share this with IHRC.
  7. If they use physical violence, move away and alert a police officer, steward (orange bibs) or security officer (light blue bibs).
  8. Do not engage with the fascist counter demonstrators as they will be violent and abusive.

Please stay safe and contact us if you have any questions about the event.