Author Evening with Khuram Malik: Billion Dollar Muslim

Streaming live on 14 March 2019, from 6.30pm GMT on and Facebook Live.

Join IHRC for a motivating author evening with Khuram Malik for his book Billion Dollar Muslim: Why We Need Spiritually Inspired Entrepreneurs. We will be exploring the meaning and manifestation of Muslim entrepreneurship, success from a spiritual perspective and the impact of success on wider society.

WHEN: Thursday 14 March 2019, 6.30pm

WHERE: IHRC Bookshop, 202 Preston Road, Wembley, HA9 8PA

Billion Dollar Muslim is available to purchase online and in-store. This event will be streamed LIVE on the IHRC Facebook page and on IHRC.TV

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Free event
Refreshments available
Wudu and prayer facilities available

IHRC Bookshop is a minute’s walk from Preston Road Underground station (Metropolitan line). Free parking on nearby residential roads is also available.

About the book:

Born out of Khuram Malik’s aspirations to sow the seeds of a flourishing generation of successful Muslim entrepreneurs, Billion Dollar Muslim is a book which opens our eyes to the great possibilities that can be achieved when the entrepreneurial mindset is embraced. Khuram speaks from personal experience, and he does an amazing job of sharing his conviction that the advantages of entrepreneurship can wield great benefit not only to the individual but also to the Muslim Ummah and society as a whole. Khuram’s perspective of entrepreneurship through the lenses of Islamic beliefs and values makes this a unique presentation that is motivating, uplifting, and refreshing. Billion Dollar Muslim is a must read for anyone slaving within the constrictions of the traditional 9 to 5, dreaming of living an improved version of themselves, and wanting to leave a legacy of positive change in the world around them inshaAllah.

About the author:

Khuram Malik is a leading business strategist, author, blogger and husband. He is a five-star rated consultant, cited in business magazines such as and an adviser to business leaders and well known start-up founders. He has helped clients raise millions in investments, developed branding and marketing strategies that rival Apple and Uber and coached hundreds of founders with further developing their own founder psyche. He’s a firm believer and an evangelist for entrepreneurship, having started his own entrepreneurial journey in his teens. He currently resides in London with his wife and is the chief strategist and founder of, a disruptive consulting company for small to medium size enterprises and startups. Khuram’s podcast — the Billion Dollar Muslim Podcast— is an extension of the themes covered in the book.

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