ALERT: Keep up pressure for the release of Sheikh El-Zakzaky and Mallimah Zeenah

Couple returned to detention in Kaduna


Requested Action

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Sheikh El-Zakzaky and Mallimah Zeenah have been returned to detention in Kaduna.  IHRC remains concerned for their well-being and asks campaigners to take action by calling on the Nigerian authorities to guarantee their safety and stand by the various court orders for their release and travel for medical treatment.

Requested Action

Please contact the Embassy / High Commission of Nigeria in your country.  A model email / letter is also provided should you wish to use it and emails for key countries.  Please keep all correspondence polite.

Model Email

Subject:  Urgent – Guarantees regarding Sheikh El-Zakaky and Mallimah Zeenah?

Dear [insert the name of  Ambassador / High Commissioner],

Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife Mallimah Zeenah are reported to have arrived back in Nigeria on 16 August 2019.

I remain deeply concerned about their safety and security.

I look forward to your government’s guarantees of their safety and security, and commitment to releasing them as per the various court orders, for unfettered medical treatment abroad as well as their actual unconditional release.

I look forward to your immediate response.  This whole case has deeply tarnished the image of Nigeria in the world at a time when it was thought that Nigeria was transforming and leaving its past behind it.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

Email addresses of recipients

Click on following link to find the name, address and contact details of the relevant diplomat in your country:

Selected names and email addresses of Ambassadors / High Commissioners can be found on the website page of this alert here.  Please contact us if you have trouble finding the details of your country.

UK: George Adesola Oguntade, 
Malaysia: Yahaya Danjuma Faruk, Chargé d’Affaires,
Turkey: Mr Ahmed Abdulhamid, Ambassador,
Iran: Mr Hamzat Ibrahim,
India: Sola Enikanolaye,
Sweden: Mrs Jane Ada Ndem, Chargé d’Affaires