Kosovo: Ikballe Huduti released

Ikballe Hududti going over court papers, 5 February 2020

IHRC can announce that Ikballe Huduti was released from custody earlier today with some restrictions.

We will be releasing more details shortly. Please revisit this page for updates. This case and the issues it has raised is not entirely resolved. An IHRC observer is in attendance with the family. He travelled in order to observe Huduti’s court hearing that was scheduled for Friday. However this is now no longer proceeding.

For more details of the case please see the press release issued last week by IHRC. Ikballe Huduti is an academic and writer based in Pristina, Kosovo.

Ikballe sent a message of appreciation to campaigners the day of her release (5 February).

Find a video of the vigil held for her release below (added to page 13 March 2020).