The Long View out now: Home, heart and community

The latest issue of The Long View (volume 2, issue 1) is out now, entitled ‘Home, heart and community: reclaiming the minority space.’

You can download the PDF from here or click on the link below, or read it online here for free.  If you prefer a hard copy please order one here, all proceeds from the print run go to funding charitable work.

This quarter’s issue is entitled ‘Home, heart and community: reclaiming the minority space’ and has contributions from Arzu Merali, Faisal Bodi, Kasia Narkowicz and Maz Saleem.

Merali looks at the engineering of minoritised Muslim civil society space by think tanks, governments and even Muslims themselves.  Bodi analyses the fall-out from the UK elections in December which saw the election of a party that had steeped itself in populist rhetoric around Brexit and immigration.  Narkowicz looks at the rise of racism against Eastern Europeans in the UK post-Brexit and the continuing struggle for equality but also meaningful citizenship – the feeling of being at home.  Saleem looks at Islamophobia through her experiences after the murder of her father in a hate attack.

These contributions provide insight but also suggest ways forward for all of us concerned with justice and fairness for all.  These are difficult times but with hope and faith we can and must meet the challenges we face.

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