Weekend reading and listening – Palestine, Australia, Africa and Solidarity

We have two exceptional articles written for the latest issue of The Long View on the issue of Palestine and solidarity. Take twenty minutes to read one, or longer for both this weekend. Or watch the video of our recent panel discussion on the normalisation of ties between the Israeli, Bahraini and UAE regimes.

READ:Terra Nullius/Nakba by Randa Abdel-Fattah on the real and potential solidarity and opportunities presented by understanding the situation of Palestinians and Indigenous Australians together.

Also in this issue Ramzy Baroud takes a critical look at Restoring Palestine in the Global South: Why Israel’s ‘Scramble for Africa’ Must Be Countered.

Buy a print version of the whole issue for £5 here.

Watch: Normalisation: Israel’s Strategy for Occupation with a fantastic panel of experts to discuss the recent normalisation of ties between the UAE and Israel. Speakers included Haim Bresheeth-Zabner, Stephen Sizer, Marwa Osman, Massoud Shadjareh and Mick Napier. The speakers discussed the history of Christian Zionism, tools used by Zionists to justify and spread the normalisation of Israeli colonisation, the creation of ‘Muslim Zionists’ presented by the Persian and Gulf Arab states and much more.

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