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Volume 3, Issue 1 of The Long View is out now and available to read without charge online.

The January 2021 / Jumad al Akhir 1442 issue is entitled From Bosnia to the US: Fighting religious and political particularism.

In Remember, Remember the Third of November: The 2020 US Election, Its Outcome & Implications, Saeed A. Khan reviews the events in the run-up to and post the US Election, and particularly its impact on Muslims and other minoritised groups.

The Muslim communities interaction with #BlackLivesMatters, the wider issue of solidarity with struggles for racial justice in the USA, and the dilemmas posed by such are the bases of Imam Dawud Walid’s article Muslims’ Engagement in 2020 with BLM: Promise and Problems.

In Peace is still holding. Demir Mahmutćehajić discusses the problems of the Dayton Peace Agreement, in particular the problems it has created around representation, what it means to Bosnia and the impact this has on current and future stability.

Jennifer Loewenstein’s powerful article Samson’s Rage: A Critique of Modern Zionism brings her first hand experiences visiting Palestine to highlight the catastrophic impact of Zionist ideology.

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