What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

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08 January 2009

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?
This edition of ‘What’s new’ highlights the current Gazan crisis. The “Alerts” section contains an urgent alert calling upon the campaigners to write to the U.N. General Assembly President, urging for the creation of an Israeli war crimes tribunal. There also is another alert encouraging campaigners to write to the Egyptian President to open the Refah Crossing. The press release section includes IHRC’s statement on the atrocities in Gaza. Under “Campaigns”, you will find a comprehensive list of demonstrations being held across the world in protest to the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. It is important to stress that this page is under continuous update by our dedicated campaigns team. And finally, the article “Nasrallah Slams Arab, Zionist collaboration” discusses the Hezbollah Secretary General’s denunciation of certain Arab regimes conspiring with Israel. This and more can be found in the “Articles section”.

Press Releases


URGENT ALERT: Palestine – Write to U.N. General Assembly President urging for creation of Israeli war crimes tribunal
31 December 2008
In light of the current Israeli bombardment of Gaza and humanitarian crises, IHRC calls on campaigners to write to the U.N. General Assembly President, urging for the creation of an Israeli war crimes tribunal.

URGENT ALERT: UK – IHRC requests that any individuals affected by the clashes in the London protest over raids on Gaza to come forward
30 December 2008
IHRC requests any individual affected by or who witnessed these clashes during demonstrations to contact us with their experience.

Alert: UK and other countries – Information about demonstrations taking place in different cities against Israeli onslaught on Gaza
30 December 2008
Please visit our campaign page regularly to stay updated about details of demos taking place against Israeli raids on Gaza.

URGENT ALERT: Palestine – Boycott Zionism: In protest of Israel’s bloody campaign of ethnic cleansing against innocent civilians of Gaza
30 December 2008
Boycott Zionist companies and products to show allegiance to the cause of the helpless victims of Gaza.

Forwarded Alert: USA – Seyed Mahmood Mousavi is Mysteriously Transferred
24 December 2008
Seyed Mousavi has recently been moved to a federal transfer facility and is feared to be transferred to what some have dubbed America’s “Muslim-only prison” – Communication Management Unit (CMU) in Indiana.

URGENT ALERT: UK – IHRC requests that any organisations and/or individuals having problems with their bank accounts to come forward
23 December 2008
In light of the recent closure of bank accounts belonging to well known Muslim organisations, IHRC urges any organisations and/or individuals to come forward if they are experiencing problems with their accounts.

Alert: Egypt – Write to Egyptian President urging him to open the Refah Crossing
04 December 2008
To follow up IHRC’s joint-letter to President Mubarak, campaigners are similarly encouraged to write to the Egyptian President, urging him to open the Refah border-crossing to allow aid into Gaza.

Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Gaza / UK – IHRC Statement on bombing of Gaza
27 December 2008
On the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces, IHRC Chairman Said:
“As People of the world watch this latest heinous act, we await swift and outright condemnation of these crimes and action from governments worldwide.”


UK and other Countries – Demonstrations Against Israeli Onslaught on Gaza
30 December 2008
Following is a list of places with timings, both within and outside the UK, as well as reports of these events when they have taken place.


Children killed in Israeli airsrike
02 January 2009
Three children have been killed in an Israeli airstrike as they played in a street in southern Gaza.

20,000 Iranians Register for Esteshhadi against Israel
30 December 2008
A number of almost 20,000 people in different Iranian cities on Monday started enrolling their names in the list of volunteers to fight against Israel while thousands more are joining the campaign today.

Iranian students storm British compound
30 December 2008
Iranian Students, incensed over British support for the Israeli military attack on Gaza Strip, have broken into a British embassy compound in Tehran.

Nasrallah Slams Arab, Zionist collaboration
29 December 2008
Hezbollah Secretary General condemns the Israeli massacre of Gazans and points to the role of certain Arab regimes in conspiring with Israel.

If Gaza falls …
23 December 2008
Israel’s siege of Gaza began on 5 November, the day after an Israeli attack inside the strip, no doubt designed finally to undermine the truce between Israel and Hamas established last June.

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