Alert: New on-line resource – Report YAHUDİ PERSPEKTİFİNDEN: ANTİ-SİYONİZM

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The Turkish translation of “Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives“ a compilation of papers presented at the 2006 conference is now available online at: YAHUDİ PERSPEKTİFİNDEN: ANTİ-SİYONİZM

The report is a translation into Turkish of the papers presented at the landmark conference “Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives” held in London in 2006, organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission.  Speakers at that event included renowned activists and academics including:
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, New York        
Rabbi Ahron Cohen, Manchester
Professor Yakov Rabkin, Montreal
Dr Uri Davis, Sakhnin    
Roland Rance, London    
Dr Les Levidow, London
Michael Warschawski, Jerusalem
Jeffrey Blankfort, San Francisco
and John Rose, London

The Turkish version of the report was launched in Istanbul in May 2010, in association with renowned Turkish human rights organization Mazlumder (  A gallery of photos of the event can be found here:

The audios (in English) of these papers can be  found at:

A compilation of the papers can be found at:

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