NIGERIA: Support the victims of violence! Donate now.

Please support the victims of police and army brutality in Nigeria.  They are in urgent need of your and our support. 

DONATE here, and read more about some of the people already supported.  More details on why you need to donate follow below.

Members of the Islamic Movement have been injured and maimed for simply peacefully protesting.  Others have been killed, leaving behind families with little or no support.  As Ramadan fast approaches, please take some time to donate for those injured by the brutality of the Nigerian army and police, or support the loved ones left behind of those who were killed.  DONATE here or via Facebook.

Funds raised will used for:

  • the families of those killed who are struggling to make ends meet.  £70 / month can provide one family with food and support;
  • medical treatment, including surgery for life changing injuries such as bullets lodged in or near the spine; and medical equipment e.g. wheelchairs and crutches.  Equipment costs start at around £150.  Operation costs can run into thousands of pounds.

May Allah swt reward your commitment and support.  Please make dua for the oppressed whoever they are and wherever they are.  If you have social media accounts, please share any of the images below via social media to help with this fundraising effort, and / or forward this email.

*Please note that IHRC has been working on the persecution of the Islamic Movement since we started out in 1997.  Some of our founders were working on this issue for much longer.  We are the only organisation authorised to collect money for this purpose.