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Background to the Campaign

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IHRC is calling on campaigners to demand key Muslim and NAM countries demand China ends its persecution of the Uighurs.  Many Muslim countries have key or growing economic ties with China.  IHRC is calling on these countries and asking all campaigners to likewise call on them to take action.

IHRC has sent researchers this year to assess the veracity of recent reports and they will be publishing their findings soon.  You can search our site using the terms Uighur and or read and share the resources below.

Share the alerts, reports and resources you find on this page, and encourage others to join this campaign.

Please ensure you share verified stories and information like those below.  Despite this situation existing for decades, mainstream media has only given it importance now, often spreading unverified stories and cases.


Page updated 28 May 2020.  Page created 14 March 2020.