Updated campaign letter against war on Iraq

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Rt. Hon Tony Blair MP
10 Downing Street


Dear Mr. Blair,

I am deeply concerned and horrified at the prospect of another war against Iraq, and am appalled by the policy that the British government has adopted in blindly following the United States without question.

The sanctions of the past decade have crippled Iraq and have led to what can only be described as a silent holocaust. Any renewed military action will undoubtedly lead to massive civilian casualties and loss of lives, and will escalate the current humanitarian crisis to unprecedented levels.

I strongly urge you to cease British support for this campaign. The UN inspectors should be allowed to continue with their assigned task, to conclusively report on the status of Iraq’s alleged production of weapons of mass destruction.

The USA and UK claim that since Saddam Hussain has committed grave human rights atrocities and has violated numerous UN resolutions, it is in everyone’s best interest to get rid of him. However, I am appalled at the double standards in recognising and objecting to Saddam’s practices of torture, execution and mass murder of his own citizens while on the other hand turning a blind eye to the Israeli regime which is guilty of pursuing and fulfilling its genocidal policies against the Palestinian people for over 50 years. In particular, the international community has never sought to bring Ariel Sharon, the perpetrator of the massacres of thousands in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, to account for his crimes.

There is no legal foundation for a pre-emptive attack on Iraq. Moreover, it is the UN Security Council that authorises the use of force and not the USA. The UN Charter does not allow such an attack to take place and would be tantamount to an act of aggression towards Iraq. The flouting of UN resolutions has been used as an excuse to attack Iraq. If the USA and UK have any genuine regard for the international rule of law, then the first target of the attacks would have to be Israel as a matter of principle, for its flouting of all UN resolutions and violations of international law since its inception. Throughout its history, the international community has never taken enforcement action over Israel.

Your government’s actions can only confirm people’s worst fears that the coalition against terror is in fact happy to terrorise more innocents as revenge. This is morally unacceptable. I hope to hear from you shortly confirming that British forces will not be taking part in any military operations against Iraq and that you will be urging the USA to stop its ill thought out attack.

Yours sincerely,


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