Artist’s Reception for Labbaik Arts Held at IHRC


IHRC Art Gallery hosted an intimate Artist’s Reception for Labbaik Arts last Friday 24 August. You can see some snapshots from the event below.



During the reception everyone had the opportunity to meet, Naazish Chouglay, the Artist behind the inspirational works of Art on display.

The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was inspired by Naazish when she revealed how she managed to turn her hobby of 15 years into a tool to support the education of Muslim women. Chouglay started out painting floral and abstract designs on glass vases and auctioning them to support various Islamic charities throughout the world.

Everyone who attended the intimate reception applauded the Artist for using her paintings to spread the revealed words of the Qur’an through contemporary Islamic Art. Human Rights campaigner and friend of IHRC, Stephen Sizer of the Christ Church Vicarage in Virginia Water also came down to the reception where he took some pictures. You can view them on his personal site here.

Inspired by historical monuments like the Alhambra in Spain and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Labbaik Arts combines Islamic Calligraphy in contemporary paintings to create designs which blend aesthetically in today’s homes. At the end of the reception the Artist revealed that all proceeds from the paintings will go to support the education of Muslim women in Brent and India. The Artist will donate all proceedings to Hendon Islamic Mosque in Brent and Mohamed Muslim Girl’s Orphanage in India.  Works sold via the IHRC Gallery will also benefit the Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust (a charity registered in the UK, registration number 1106120).

The exhibition is now displayed at the IHRC Gallery until Saturday 29 September.