Event Report: Poetry Workshop with Ibrahim Sincere, 16 February 2013


We invited Ibrahim Sincere, the poet’s stage name, for a poetry workshop for teens at the IHRC Bookshop to work alongside the children and help encourage them to broaden their knowledge on poetry. The 19 year old is a young rapper/poet from London, and member of the group ‘OntheD’. He performed some of his poems in the form of poetry and rap, which were both inspirational as he propagated the message of revolution, spirituality and activism in an intellectual and unique way, tackling issues that face our communities and our youth in today’s world and societies.

During the workshop the kids were fully involved and they learned not to be afraid of aspirations, one should be the best one can be. Ibrahim was very encouraging and motivated the children to inspire themselves and others but the key being to change oneself first. Thus helping the children reflect on themselves whilst explaining this ‘So if you find a well to wish in, pray for me well cos’ I can’t change the world, unless I change myself’.

Ibrahim simplified the deep meanings of his poetry in order for the children to understand the significance of his writing.  This helped them understand poetry and assisted them to write something themselves. The poet helped the children choose topics to write about, some chose to write about loyalty and respect whilst others about encouragement, and was at hand all the way through.  

All in all it was a very inspirational workshop for both the adults and children. We hope to have more workshops with the poet and help more children reflect not only on themselves but others too and be able to write creatively. This line from the poem he wrote, whilst the children were busy writing theirs, captured the essence of the day ‘we can’t do everything but let’s do something. Let’s change the world, and let’s be better people. Let’s be good Muslims and stay from evil, dream of a world that will one day be peaceful.’