Event Report – Protest at ‘Israel 65’


10,000 Zionists turned up at Wembley arena to celebrate 65 years of Israel. Protestors, including Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered to say that the Zionist state of Israel is nothing to be celebrated.  It was a state created on the back drop of murder, terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

Protestors stood outside chanting, ‘Judaism yes, Zionism no, the state of Israel must go.’  At first the Police officers insisted that the protestors stand down the road and around the corner from Wembley Arena so that they could not be anywhere near the concert; out of sight of the Zionists entering the celebrations.  However, after peaceful talks with the Inspector the protestors managed to gain permission to stand on a pathway in front of Wembley Arena.  Palestinian flags flew high alongside with placards depicting an image of the Palestinian journalist Jihad Misharawi, who works for the BBC Arabic service, holding the body of his 11-month son Omar who died after their house was hit by shrapnel.

The response from the attendees varied.  The Zionists walking past the protestors waved their flags in the air and in an attempt to intimidate them, took photos up close whilst the Police weren’t watching. Meanwhile others made disparaging comments against those demanding justice for Palestine.  More than one group of young girls responded to the slogans by shouting, ‘Dirty Arabs!’  Other attendees to the concert swore aggressively as they drove by, shouting abuse and using hand gestures to show their disdain to the protestors.  Whilst the event saw X-Factor Singer Alexandra Burke withdraw from the event at the last minute, the event was listed as ‘sold out’ on a number of ticket websites.

The protestors stood in solidarity with the Palestinians and peacefully protested against what has been 65 years of occupation, and violations of international law and human rights.