Event Report: Story Telling Session: Che Guevara The Kind Traveller


{jathumbnail_off}Children in general have an innate love of stories as stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Stories teach children about life, about themselves and the world they live in. Storytelling is a unique way for young minds to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures and religions. The aim of this story telling session for children was to promote a positive attitude towards people and life in general, as storytelling offers insights into universal life experiences and help children consider new ideas and to welcome children alongside parents to show the importance of reading as well as to give the children a chance to interact with other children and share their ideas as well.

“The Kind Traveller”, read by Zainab Zahra, taught the young audience that Allah created everyone equally because in the sight of Allah we are all the same and everyone deserves respect and to live with dignity.  There is no concept of oppression in Islam and the author through the story explained how one can achieve their goal and fight injustice by standing up against the tyrant/oppressor and with unity and faith together we can achieve victory. The children were taught an important lesson through storytelling and they learned some of the basic Islamic principles such as unity, brotherhood and altruism. The children were given a chance to answer questions, posed by the author and participate in discussing the story of “Che Guevara”. The children actively engaged in the session as they were given the opportunity to answer and ask questions.

IMG-20131015-WA0002IMG-20131015-WA0004IMG-20131015-WA0005The children had the chance to read a story book of their choice to the rest of the audience and they enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a lovely afternoon and alongside children parents also found the session interesting and the story captivating.

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