Event Report: Storytelling Session: The Story of the Elephant


On Firday 22 August, the IHRC Bookshop hosted the a storytelling session of “The Story of the Elephant” the first ever Quranic pop up book for children read aloud by author Hajera Memon 

The children found this interactive session very interesting and even parents couldn’t help but get involved . Children became active participants in the storytelling by pulling the tabs in the book with their fingers to make the elephant kneel and the stones fall from the feet of the flying birds. The children learned the amazing Quranic story of the elephant in a simple yet creative way. It was a truly memorable experience

It was also a great opportunity for the children to learn more about Islam and the history in a light hearted manner. Yet none of the value and meaning of the lessons learnt were lost. The children especially enjoyed the activities and the unique structure of the book as it made it more fun to read.

Listening to this famous Quranic story of the Elephant reminded those who have heard it before of the importance of the duas of both Abdul Muttalib and the Holy Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) and the fact that the year of the Elephant was the year in which the seal of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was born. This story tells of how the Kaba was attacked, destroyed and rebuilt. And when Abraha came to attack it the city of Mecca was protected because the Prophet Muhammad – who was a baby at that time – lived there at the time.

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