Event Report: Romina Khanom’s ‘Layers Of Paradise’ Exhibition Launch


The launch of IHRC’s latest exhibition took place on 23 October 2014 and featured the works of young artist Romina Khanom. Exhibiting solo for the first time, the art was well-received and the night a great occasion with many in attendance.

View photos of the launch here or watch a video trailer below, and read summary of the launch event.

Romina Khanom: Layers of Paradise

Entitled ‘Layers of Paradise’ the exhibition displayed installations as well as illustrations. Using man-made rugs and carpets, Romina picks unique stencils and cuts designs and patterns into the fabric. Her work is involved in the transformative as she takes traditional art pieces originally made for one purpose and then turns them into her own crafts piece. Visitors were also pleasantly surprised to find that the artwork was interactive. A space of the IHRC building conventionally used as a prayer area was fitted with one of Romina’s installations and thus a space used to pray also immediately became a piece of art.

The exhibition begins in the IHRC Bookshop where Romina’s illustration hangs from the walls and a vivid neon illustration is part of the window display. These pieces of art are inspired not only by prominent Middle East aesthetics but also the intersection of Romina’s own background and upbringing. Also featured throughout the IHRC Bookshop and Gallery are Romina’s own postcards with prints of her designs and illustrations. Postcards from the exhibition are still available to buy here.

After taking in the displays in the Bookshop, visitors were then led to the Gallery downstairs which held the rest of the artwork. In keeping with the theme of a decadent evening full of texture, colour and vibrancy, sweets were provided by Mishtibites.

The IHRC Bookshop & Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 10am – 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am – 6pm

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