Variant Space: ‘Invisible Lines’ Exhibition

In November 2015 IHRC launched its new exhibition featuring the work of a number of artists from the collective Variant Space – ever growing in popularity.  Read the summary of the launch event below the photo gallery.

‘Invisible Lines’

Fresh from their appearance at the Shubbak Festival, this was a chance to see the artists’ work in the unique and intimate IHRC Gallery and Bookshop spaces. Comprising of Muslim female artists from an array of backgrounds, Variant Space is an art collective that aims to create and display “authentic art which narrates the experiences women face as well as their background.”

Featuring a multitude of mixed media including 3D-works, illustrations, photography and video – the exhibition also displayed art ‘in-progress’. The idea is that the artist and the artist’s work is never in stasis as both are constantly developing and changing.

The exhibition curator Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail said “the space IHRC provides for artists to explore issues of identity and conflict is invaluable and ‘Invisible Lines’ is a real culmination of this exploration from the point of view of young Muslim women.”

Artists featured included –

  • Nouf Alhimaiary
  • Sara Foryame
  • Shaeen Kasmani
  • Nasreen Raja
  • Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al Lail


About Variant Space:

Variant Space acts as a platform for Muslim female artists who are passionate about developing discourses through their works of art. Communication with other artists despite ethnicity or race, is at the forefront of our principles. In essence, our sole objective is to display variations in talent within the Muslim female community and conquer the stereotypes.