An Evening with Muhsin Kilby – My Palestine


[Updated on 03 Jan, 2020] Here is a chance to listen to Muhsin Kilby, who passed away today 3rd January 2020 discussing his life long travels to Palestine, with some of his photographs of the holy Land and the changes he has witnessed. He joined IHRC in 2011 for this event.

In 2011, renowned photographer Mushin (Jak) Kilby, joined us to talk about his travel and photography in Palestine. Watch the video below and read more about Kilby underneath.

Muhsin Kilby in conversation with Ahmed Uddin.

About Mushin Kilby

Kilby’s work has covered a varied spectrum of work including, Art, Theatre, Portraiture, Architecture, and News & Features reportage photography. He has also written in a variety of publications on Jazz, African Music, Jerusalem, and the Palestinian issue. He has travelled extensively in Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Sudan, Egypt), as well as the USA & Canada, Israel & Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and western Europe. Find out more on his site here.

About Ahmed Uddin

Ahmed Uddin is a senior manager at IHRC.

Watch the video HERE