OOMK Visions of the Future- Reading Room

This exhibition took place at the IHRC gallery in London, UK from 28 February to 30 April 2015.

This fresh and innovative exhibition is summarised below in the words and pictures of the artists and curators involved.

‘Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’                                                                                                   –           Arundhati Roy

Visions of the Future is home to a (shifting) collection of hopeful imaginings of the future, both past and present, as communicated through the technology of print. Drawing widely from a diverse pool of artists, collectives and activist groups, Visions of the Future forms a compendium of lived anxieties and the multiple transformative solutions imagined in response.

The reading room is structured to expand throughout the duration of its stay, with space for new printed material to be added by visitors in response to the existing installation.

Tear Off : Manifesto

Read our manifesto and take one away.

Table: Visions of the Future Zines 

Made in response to the exhibition title, the Table of Zines is home to personal journeys, refashioned tabloids and methods of decolonial resistance- among many other visions of the future. 

Over the course of the stay, new zines will join the Table in solidarity.

View Arwa Aburawa and Sofia Niazi’s Zine ‘Intifada Milk’ below. Read an interview with them here.

Vitamin D: Ending the World 

Listen to the Podcast here.

Cesaire: […] this attitude, this behaviour, this shackled life caught in the noose of shame and disaster rebels, hates itself, struggles, howls, and, my God, others ask: “What can you do about it?” “Start something!” “Start what?” “The only thing in the world that’s worth the effort of starting: The end of the world, by God!”

-Black Skins, White Masks by Frantz Fanon

For Visions of the Future, the Vitamin D audio collective spoke to members of the Decoloniality London network about what the ‘end of the world’ as proposed by Fanon means to them and how it might occur.

‘Vitamin D: In lieu of the thousand splices of light that emerge from the Global South’

The Vitamin D podcast hosts interviews, discussions and seminars with activists, intellectuals, artists and others engaged in decolonial thought and praxis. It hopes to serve as one of many nodal points in the burgeoning discourse of pluriversality against the colonial matrix of power.

The audio collective is part of the wider Decoloniality London network, which actively solicits South-South dialogues within the global north, a region that profusely crowds out the light that such dialogues might shed on the dark side of modernity (coloniality).


Coat-hanger Display: Curated Selection of Zines

Quiet in the library, please. The displayed individuals and groups are in the process of discovering, dismantling and re-building the present. All have chosen to use independent printing methods to achieve their visions.

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time”

–       Angela Davis

Words and photos courtesy of: https://oomkreadingroom.tumblr.com