Watch: Uniting to End Occupation

Earlier this month, on 1 November, IHRC held a webinar Uniting to End Occupation: One State Solution on the subject of a one state solution for Palestine alongside supporting organisations Scottish PSC, Inminds Human Rights Group, Jewish Network for Palestine, BRICUP, Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission.

The failure of the Two state solution, due to the destructive actions by Israel, and continued building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land, has brought about renewed interest in the Single, democratic state solution to the settler-colonial conflict in Palestine.

This solution was the official position of the PLO until 1988, and is the only solution which offers equal rights for all in Palestine, and an end to the ravages of militarised Apartheid.

Four activists with life-long commitment to a just and peaceful solution to the conflict will be exchanging views about the current situation, and the potential of this solution which is greatly influenced by the end of South African Apartheid.

Chaired by Nargess Moballeghi, the speakers included Awad Abdelfattah is a political activist and writer, Dr. Ghada Karmi is leading author on Palestine and the Israeli occupation, Dr. Muhammad Marandi is an academic and political analyst and Michel Warschawski, a veteran journalist and peace activist and founder the Alternative Information Center (AIC) in Jerusalem.

Watch the full event: